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Take your game to the next level. Our high quality paddles are designed for players of all skill levels, and their unique features and price make them stand out from the competition. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, our paddles will help you elevate your game.

  • Great paddle for an even better value!

    This paddle is hands down the best value in pickleball. The raw carbon fiber face provides more spin than any V1 RCF paddle I’ve played with. The thermoformed technology gives the perfect amount of pop while being totally controllable. The handle length is perfect for your 2-handed back hand shots. Grip circumference is perfect to apply an over grip. Mildly head heavy but that is common for thermoformed paddles. However, it is nothing a couple small strips of lead tape at the bottom can’t solve!
    My wife and I were fighting over who would get to play with it, so I bought another one!!!
    I have loaned it out to other players who use Vatic and CRBN paddles and they were pleased with its performance and jealous once they heard what I payed for this awesome paddle.
    If you are in the market for a new paddle with the newest technology, don’t hesitate to grab the YSF, you will be glad you did.

    - Damion

  • YSF 11SIX24

    I got to demo this paddle from my ambassador Larry Yien and immediacy loved in the first game I played with it, great construction, nice grip, and great pop and control with a dialed amount of power, wonderful product and thermoform value equal to paddles twice the price, nice job YSF, I call it the jellybean paddle!!!! I should know, I own 8 paddles!

    - Lester

  • Great all-around paddle

    YSF is my first raw carbon paddle and it has transformed my game. It's a perfect blend of power, control, and spin. Being a relatively new player, I had not experienced the fun of spinning until I got this paddle. It's a little heavier than my previous paddle, but I got used to it quickly and can't wait to get on the court again and again with it, amazing others and myself with my shots. The thermoformed edge gives me a larger sweet spot, taking away my worry that I have to hit it in one narrow area. I know there are other similar paddles on the market to which the YSF is compared. But for the price, this is the best value for such a high quality and versatile paddle. I am so glad I purchased it.
    Thrilled to have purchased it.

    - Stephen

11SIX24 Pickleball Paddles: Value Meets Performance

At 11SIX24, we prioritize delivering top-tier pickleball paddle quality at competitive prices. Every paddle we craft is designed for durability and optimal gameplay. Trust in our commitment to excellence and get the best return on your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a thermoformed pickleball paddle?

A thermoformed pickleball paddle is created via a "hot molding" process. Facesheets and polypropelyne honeycomb core are structured in three layers. During the thermoforming process, heat and pressure allow epoxy resin to bond these layers, resulting in a stronger unibody paddle with a carbon seam and foam edge.

When will my order ship?

We ship same day when ordered before 3PM EST Monday - Friday. We'll ship Saturday if ordered before 10:30AM EST

What kind of warranty do you have?

We have a 180 day warranty on all of our paddles.

What sets your paddles apart from others?

We focus on providing high quality paddles at a fraction of the price of large companies. The reviews from our players speak for themselves.

Which of your paddles are thermoformed?

The YSF and Hurache-X are both thermofored.