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11SIX24 Pickleball

Hurache-X Control

Hurache-X Control

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Unleash your potential on the pickleball court with the cutting-edge 11SIX24 Hurache-X Control. The second iteration of our Hurache-X line, the Control builds upon the Control+ with a few changes geared towards control and spin. 

Key Features:

- Materials: Experience the power of the 11SIX24 4 layer surface, featuring three layers of raw Toray T700 Carbon Fiber and a top layer of Kevlar®. This advanced composition delivers top tier spin and control.

- Enhanced Sweet Spot: The foam-injected walls and tapered edges of the Hurache-X Control expand the sweet spot, offering you greater control and precision with every shot. 

- Unibody Construction: Thermoformed edges merge seamlessly with the paddle's surface, creating a unibody design that enhances durability and provides more power.

- Optimal Balance and Weight: With an average weight of 8.0oz, the Hurache-X strikes the perfect balance between power and maneuverability. The 115 swing weight adds to its agility at the net, making it ideal for both power hitters and finesse players.

- Dimensions for Superior Play: The paddle's total length of 16.5 inches and width of 7.5 inches give it a commanding presence on the court. The grip circumference of 4.125 inches and 6-inch handle length is perfect for two handed backhands. Its great for those who hit one handed backhands as well! 

- Advanced Core: The 16mm core thickness is engineered for optimal rebound and energy transfer, giving you the power to dominate the game.

- Neoprene Paddle Cover: Receive a free paddle cover with your purchase, ensuring your Hurache-X is protected and ready for action anytime.


  • USA Pickleball Approved
  • Materials: 3 layers of Toray T700 Carbon Fiber and 1 layer of Kevlar®
  • Foam Injected Walls for an increased sweet spot and added control 
  • Thermoformed edges (Unibody Construction)
  • Average Weight - 8.0-8.3oz
  • Total Length - 16.5 Inches
  • Width - 7.5 Inches
  • Grip Circumference - 4.125 Inches
  • Handle Length - 6 Inches
  • Core Thickness - 14 and 16mm
  • Swing weight - 115-118
  • Twist weight - 6.15
  • Unique serial number
  • Free paddle cover

DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Andrew Lerouge
Kelvar 14mm

I got this paddle to get more pop and hand speed than my 6.0 ruby. The hand speed was noticeable right away but it lacks power compared to the ruby. I tried adding lead tape but no change. The feel of the ball off the paddle is stiffer compared to to the ruby. Lastly the sweet spot is not as big.

Not a bad paddle especially for the price but after a week I'm going back to the ruby.

Bryan Felkel
Kevlar 14 is a Great paddle!

Great spin, great for resets and counters. Has great pop and the ability to put the ball away.

Lester Ma

Just got the Hurache-X Control and was surprised at the controllable power, good pop, and big sweet spot, fast at the net, power at your fingertips! Not too heavy, nice plow thru. 6 inch handle gives plenty of room for 2 handers, the spin is great, speed ups below the net are a breeze, great value in todays value paddles! My hat is off to David!

Best Value Paddle!?

These paddles might just be The Best Value Paddles available!?

I'm a huge fan of Six Zero DBD, Ruby & Infinity paddles, but having tried both the Hurache-X Control+ 16mm & Hurache-X Control 16mm, I fully believe you could hand me either of the aforementioned paddles and my game would not suffer, a bit.

Similar to the Six Zero paddles I used, each of these 11SIX24 paddles rock, but at a discount price compared to those of Six Zero.

each of these !!SIX24 paddles had excellent touch, strong control & good power. Of the two 11SIX24 paddles I've used, the Hurache Control was a slightly better at control & the Hurache Control+ was slightly more powerful. The Control also edged out the Control+ in the spin category, though each was excellent.

In closing, if you're in the market for a high-end quality paddle but prefer to spend a little less, 11SIX24 is the place to go, for your next paddle purchase.

Darron Miller
AMAZING! Yes I am yelling!

I have only been playing since December but catching on very quickly. I started out with a Hyperion and moved on to a Double Black Diamond. I received the Kevlar today and it is amazing. The spin and control is unbelievable. There is a reason 11six24 is on the move! Love it. Thanks David! 💙💙