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11SIX24 currently offers four paddles - The YSF, Hurache-X (Control and Control+) and Hurache. All four include a FREE paddle cover.

  • Hurache-X Control: The ultimate control machine. A larger sweet spot then the Control+ with extra spin. A player favorite.
  • Hurache-X Control+: The perfect mix of control plus power. The X has a large sweet spot and amazing touch for dinks and resets. Don't let the control fool you - it still has amazing pop to put away shots.
  • Hurache Control: An amazing paddle for those who are getting more serious about pickleball or want the best "bang for your buck". It has a unibody face and offers unmatched control around the net.
  • YSF: Built with unibody thermoformed construction and foam filled edges for the largest sweet spot. Most consider it a power paddle. For those who want unmatched stability and power.
  • YSF

    • Power 9
    • Control 7
    • Spin 9
    • Elongated shape
  • Hurache-X Control

    • Power 7.5
    • Control 9
    • Spin 10
    • Elongated aero shape
  • Hurache Control

    • Power 6
    • Control 9
    • Spin 9.5
    • Elongated aero shape
  • Hurache-X Control+

    • Power 8.5
    • Control 8
    • Spin 9
    • Elongated aero shape

Still not sure which paddle is right for you? Chat with us below and we'll help!