About Us

About Us - The Story Behind 11SIX24 Pickleball

Our Origin

11SIX24 Pickleball was conceived out of necessity, transformed into an idea, and finally, took form in April 2023. It all started with my personal predicament. Like many avid pickleball enthusiasts, I invested in an expensive $220 paddle, believing that quality comes with a price. However, the paddle cracked after only three months of play 4-6 times a week. This led me to question the notion of "value" in the pickleball equipment market.

I found myself unable to justify purchasing another expensive paddle, only to face the likelihood of it breaking or cracking again in a short period of time. The recurring cost and the disappointment attached to such a high investment pushed me towards seeking a better solution. The question was not just about the price but also the quality, durability, and reliability.

This is where the idea of 11SIX24 Pickleball was born. I wanted to create a brand that would fill the existing gap in the market, offering pickleball players high-quality, durable equipment without the exorbitant price tag. It was no longer about making do with what was available but about creating something that players could trust.

Thus, 11SIX24 Pickleball was born. We're not just another brand on the market; we are a commitment to quality, affordability, and trust. We're here to change the game, one paddle at a time. Join us on our journey as we redefine the pickleball equipment industry.

David Groechel

Founder 11SIX24 Pickleball

P.S. You're probably wondering where the name came from? 

I once guessed the exact number of jellybeans in a jar. The number 11,624.